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Through this initiative, students explore the history of Hip-Hop and learn about key aspects of the culture. Students harness the power of music to create, produce, and share songs that address themes they are passionate about. The initiative culminates in a national songwriting contest.  

Through this initiative, we amplify the voices of youth in the justice system.

Registration will open a few weeks in advance to initiative launch



Teacher Resources

The semi-structured curriculum below is ready to be customized by teachers.  We have provided a 5-day curriculum that can be used in the beginning of October. The remainder of the month is open for the creation, revision, and selection of songs for school-wide contests.  See the calendar below for the submission deadline for the BreakFree contest.

Adjusting to meet your students' needs is strongly encouraged.

If you need any of the following resources in PDF format, please email

Lesson plans

Please note: Slides are in google format, but can be downloaded in .ppt. All slides for days 1-5 are included. All materials or handouts referenced are linked to in the individual google slides or teacher notes accompanying the slides.

To download the slides as Microsoft PPT, click here.

Click the above to access the slides for the optional math and songwriting lessons. If you need a ppt version, you can access them here.

Access music tracks that students can use to create their song.

*As a reminder, each school may submit a maximum of 3 student songs.

2023 Calendar

Please note, the lesson days can be customized to best fit your school schedule.

23-24 Calendars (14).png



1st Place

Unheard Voices


Butler Treatment Center (MA)

2nd Place

No Options

P. Jordan

Grayson Post-Adjudication (TX)

3rd Place

Too Much to Say

Neaeh H.



1st Place



Grayson County Post-Adjudication (TX)

2nd Place

How I Feel


JC Montgomery (CA)

3rd Place

Impact Statement

Omar O. Jacquez "Q" F.

Donald E. Long Juvenile Center (OR)


1st Place


E. Brown, T. Fulwood, and D. Tanis

Polk Halfway House (FL)

2nd Place

Racial Injustice

Koeppell, Jordan, Paige, and Kenny

Ventura Youth Correctional Facility (CA)

3rd Place


J. Johnson

Hogan Street Youth Center (MO)

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