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School Management

The moment a young person enters the juvenile or adult criminal justice system, they become defined by their past, not their potential.  But We see these young people as the scholars they are, serving them with equal parts empathy and high expectations.

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​We started and continue to support the Travis Hill School in New Orleans, where young people held in the adult jail and juvenile detention center work towards their high school diploma

We have the capacity and experience to directly manage schools in juvenile justice facilities or partner with education providers to support the day-to-day operation and strategic direction of schools inside confined settings.

More about the Travis Hill School

​We have operated the Travis Hill School since the fall of 2016, when we were awarded a contract by the New Orleans Parish School Board to run the school in the city’s juvenile detention center. The school has been widely recognized for its results since opening.

The Travis Hill School was acknowledged by the Louisiana Department of Education during the 2018-2019 school year as:



The fourth-highest ranked alternative school in Louisiana

The highest ranked school located in a detention or correctional setting in Louisiana, and the only one to score a passing grade on the State Report Card

The only alternative school in the state to be named an Equity Honoree (a school that performed in the 90th percentile or above for students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and/or English learners)

One of six alternative schools in the state, and the only one in New Orleans, to earn a B on the Progress Index, which measures students’ growth, year-to-year, on state assessments.

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