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Through Unknown, students will learn about HeLa cells and the story of Henrietta Lacks. Students will also dive into the ethics behind using humans in research, patient rights, and informed consent. Students will utilize their artistic skills by completing both a self-portrait and a 3D model of a cell structure. 

Registration will open a few weeks in advance to initiative launch

Teacher Resources

The semi-structured curriculum below is ready to be customized by teachers.  We have provided a 6-day curriculum, of 60-minute lessons.  Adjusting to meet your students' needs is strongly encouraged.

Lesson plans

Please note: Slides are in google format, but can be downloaded in .ppt. All slides for days 1-6 are included. All materials or handouts referenced are linked to in the individual google slides or teacher notes accompanying the slides.

To download the slides as Microsoft PPT, click here.

Live webinar will be scheduled for late April

2023 Calendar

Please note, the lesson days can be customized to best fit your school schedule.

May Unknown.png



1st Place
Self Portrait
by Ray

Escambia Boys (FL)


1st Place
Henrietta Lacks Portrait
by E. North

Morehead Youth Development Center (KY)


Honorable Mention


1st Place

Portrait of Henrietta Lacks

by C.P.

RFK South Hadley (MA)

CP henrietta .png

1st Place


by E.D.

Datema House (MO)


Honorable Mention


by R.R.


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