Through this initiative, students become detectives, uncovering truth and shining a light on stories that should be told all while blending print and digital media. Students will learn how journalism speaks truth to power and how to combat fake news. Students will then be given a chance to be a voice for the voiceless by writing and recording a newsworthy podcast. The Uncovered curriculum culminates in students creating their own magazine page showcasing their article in both print and audio including their own digital design of the name and logo of their podcast. The top three articles from each class can be submitted for publication by BreakFree Education.

Teacher Resources

The semi-structured curriculum below is ready to be customized by teachers.  We have provided a 10-day curriculum, of 60-minute lessons.  Adjusting to meet your students' needs is strongly encouraged.

Lesson plans

Please note: Slides are in google format, but can be downloaded in .ppt. All slides for days 1-8 are included here. All materials or handouts referenced are linked to in the individual google slides or teacher notes accompanying the slides.

To download the slides as Microsoft PPT, click here.

Learn more about how to submit student articles for publication.

Article submissions should be submitted in google slide form.  If students are submitting an audio file, it should be embedded into the slide and included separately in the submission form.  If you cannot access google slides, a .ppt version of the template can be found here.

Watch a recording of our webinar where we review the initiative and resources

*As a reminder, each school may submit a maximum of 3 student speeches.

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2020 Calendar

Please note, the lesson days can be customized to best fit your school schedule.

*Remember that you must build-in time to host a school-wide competition to select your school's top speeches for submission.

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