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Through Unconstruct,  students will uncover a problem and use the design thinking process to create a solution to that problem.  Students will identify a user and learn to empathize with them, define a problem, ideate possible solutions, build prototypes of their solutions, and then test their prototypes to perfect them.

Our 2021 Unconstruct challenge focuses on developing housing solutions for the homeless. Students will explore how our homeless population may be affected by COVID and other affordable housing challenges, and brainstorm ideas to help the homeless with housing.

Registration will open a few weeks in advance to initiative launch

Teacher Resources

The semi-structured curriculum below is ready to be customized by teachers.  We have provided 5 lessons for each of the stages in the Design Thinking process.  Lessons can be offered over any number of days. 

Adjusting to meet your students' needs is strongly encouraged.

Lesson plans

Please note: Slides are in google format, but can be downloaded in .ppt.  All materials or handouts referenced are linked to in the individual google slides or teacher notes accompanying the slides.

To download the slides as Microsoft PPT, click here.

The link above is for google slides.  If you need to submit using .ppt, click here for the template file.

Click to watch live on October 20,  2021 at 3:00EST or view recording

2021 Calendar

Please note, the lesson days can be customized to best fit your school schedule.

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1st Place
RFK South Hadley (MA)

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How Might We Statement: 

How might we find a way to ensure housing and other necessities for homeless teen runaways in order to make sure that they are safe & will be okay?

2nd Place (tie)

J.S., J.D., and B.P.

Southeast Secure Reception (MA)

2nd Place (tie)


Davis Stuart (WV)

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