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Reading gives us someplace to go

when we have to stay where we are

Unbound is a month-long readathon for students in secure settings. At BreakFree, we believe it is critical for students in secure facilities to explore the power of reading at every opportunity; to read for pleasure, not just for a grade; and to develop the habit of reading. Unbound provides a framework and incentives to increase students’ engagement with books.

We sponsor a national readathon competition for schools to participate in, host weekly challenges, and offer many prizes and rewards for schools and students that participate!

Teacher Resources

Below are all the tools and resources you will need to participate in the Unbound Readathon.

Teachers will use this form to submit their weekly reading tallies.  Download the form as an excel and submit through the submission portal below. Before submitting your weekly tally sheet, make sure to watch this short video on how to do so.

Print and post this poster to encourage students to read and get your school excited about the readathon!

Teachers can print out this bookmark for students to use when keeping track of the minutes they read each day.

Click to access a Google slidedeck with information on our four weekly challenges!

Extension Activities

Plant this ticket in a book that isn't often read at your school.  If a student finds it and reads the book, you can let us know and your student can win a book prize!

Have a student that loves to write?  Use this fan fiction mini-lesson and encourage your students to write a continuation of the book they read for the readathon.  If you submit their writing to us, students will be entered to win a book prize!

Print this certificate for any student who read their first book during Unbound!

Live webinar will be scheduled in late January.

2023 Calendar

Please take note of submission deadlines for weekly challenges and award nominations

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2022 Leaderboard & Updates


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