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Kat Crawford
Technology Innovator

Kat Crawford helps schools use technology to improve instruction, facilitate better communication with stakeholders, enable real-time analysis of student and school performance data, strengthen contract management, and capture operating efficiencies. She is helping us find smart and fun ways to encourage peer-to-peer sharing among Consortium members and other organizations we work with.

Kat studied musical theatre performance at Mountview Theatre School in London, England. She still sings her heart out but does it while building blogs, typing tweets, and frantically Facebooking. Kat started teaching in NYC in 2001 and taught drama for many years until arts positions began to dwindle. Pursuing a master’s degree at Walden University in Integrating Technology in the Classroom, Kat found her new calling. Technology came as easy as a song and dance. Kat continued to go to school and got her Ed. S. in Educational Technology. Now she is ready to put all that practice to work; it is time for the show! Kat joined BreakFree in February 2013.

Kat lives and works in Austin, Texas, with magician Cami, Chi-Chi the Chinchilla, and her iPhone, iPad Mini, Macbook Pro, and souped-up Internet connection.

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