The BreakFree Edupalooza

An online, professional development series for educators working in secure facilities

May 3rd - 7th 2021

Workshop Presenters and Resources

How to Change Culture One Teacher, One Facility at a Time

Presenter: Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson has been a member of the Wauwatosa School District (WSD) Administrative team for 19 years. Currently, he serves as one of the Administrators for the WSD Virtual Academy and also the Milwaukee County juvenile justice and hospital school programs—Vel R. Phillips School in the Juvenile Justice System, River Hills school program at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Complex and the Children's Hospital Program.  Bill earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Secondary Education, a Master of Science in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University and a PhD in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service from Cardinal Stritch University. His mission is to continuously improve all of WSD programs and support the teachers and staff while serving 100% of our students. 

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We have the Chromebook, now what? A conversation about implementing Chromebooks and Responsible Use Policies

Presenter: Lilian Ijomah

Lilian Ijomah MA., M. Ed. is the Program Director for Domus Kids Inc. at Hartford Juvenile Detention Center in Connecticut. She has been an educator for thirteen years. Lilian is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University and Saint Joseph College, and has her Connecticut certification in Administration and Special Education

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A Walk Through the Digital Classroom

Presenter: Elizabeth Monteiro

Elizabeth Monteiro is an ELA/Reading teacher for the Department of Youth Services in Worcester, MA.  While having an early education and developmental psychology degree, Elizabeth found herself working in the business world for 12 years before finally returning to teaching; her true passion. Elizabeth started teaching for DYS a couple of years ago after teaching 1st grade for a public school system. Branching out from elementary and obtaining her license in English for grades 5-12, she now enjoys working with the high school youth in the juvenile justice programs and helping to make a difference in their lives and our communities.

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Getting Started with Restorative Practices

Presenter: Vanity Nealy

Vanity Nealy is the Restorative Practices Coordinator for Travis Hill School at the New Orleans Juvenile Justice Intervention Center, where she implements a restorative approach to building and maintaining a positive school culture. A strong rooted desire to assist the youth of her community to develop socio-emotional skills led her to Travis Hill School in 2017. As the Restorative Practices Coordinator, she establishes consistent behavior standards, accountability for school attendance, conduct conferences/mediations/restorative circles with students & staff to repair harm, as well as implementing a tiered response & intervention system founded on notions of restorative, non punitive practices.

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Securing Engagement in Math Class Day ONE!

Presenter: Tatiana Harrison

Tatiana Harrison, an EdD doctoral student at San Francisco State University, started her higher education with a BS in RTVF from Northwestern University. This led to working as a public radio reporter in her mother's native country of Peru. After serving as director of a youth radio program at a local NPR affiliate, she became a classroom teacher for alternative education in Sonoma County, at the local Juvenile Justice Center and the Community School classrooms. When there's not a pandemic on, she can also be found teaching in the local jail and teaching Yearbook, Anthropology, and English for Migrant Ed summer school at the Junior College campus. 

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The Ups and Downs of Rolling Out Google Workspace

Presenter: Scott Schult and Wendy Peterson

Scott has been a juvenile justice educator for over twenty years at Copper Lake and Lincoln Hills Schools in Irma, Wisconsin.  Currently he serves as a tech coach and support for his colleagues and bridges the gap between the acquisition of knowledge and application.  He also has responsibilities for teaching math and special education and serves as the school librarian.  Scott has been an advocate for technology for youth and spearheaded the Google journey back in 2013.

Wendy Peterson is the Juvenile Education Director for Copper Lake School and Lincoln Hills School which are part of the WI Division of Juvenile Corrections. She is responsible for the administration and coordination of the educational programs for the schools and has over 20 years of working with at-risk youth in a variety of settings including alternative schools, public school and a juvenile justice facility.  Ms. Peterson holds bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point in Sociology-Criminology and Education respectively. She also has earned a Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in Professional Development: Educational Leadership and from Marian University in Educational Leadership.

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Stories With Style: Student Expression through Hip Hop Culture

Presenters: Ed Campos and Elizabeth Norris

Ed Campos is a consultant for the Kings County Office of Education and the president of Central Valley CUE. He has served as a math teacher, student/teacher mentor, and computer science coach.

Elizabeth Norris is principal/consultant at JC Montgomery, which is part of the Kings County Office of Education school district. The site serves incarcerated youth in Kings County, CA. She has served as an alternative education teacher, instructional coach, and site administrator before beginning her current dual role.

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Trauma, Compassion, Connection: 3 Activities You Can Facilitate in Your Setting

Presenter: Dean Heus

Dean Heus is a previous School Psychologist, Student Services Administrator, and is currently administrator of Wauwatosa Virtual Academy (WVA), as well as programs in a youth corrections facility (Vel R. Phillips School), a hospital (Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin), and a county-run child/adolescent behavior center.  Prior to Wauwatosa School District he worked for Milwaukee Public Schools and its Violence Prevention Program.

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Tech Trainer Tips 

Presenter: Andrew Howard III

Andrew is the Education Technology Specialist for Harris County Juvenile Probation Department in Texas. He works with 27 outstanding teachers and 180 interesting students, and aims to create an environment that allows students to reach their true potential. On any given day he may be training a teacher, configuring a Chromebook, teaching a digital citizenship lesson, laughing with coworkers, speaking with students about behavior, or sending a multitude of emails. Andrew has a Bachelors in Project Administration, an Associates in Computer Electronic Engineering, various technology certifications, and is currently attending HCC for his CompTIA A+ Certification.

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Student Panel: Elevating Student Voice

Moderator: Kat Crawford

Kat Crawford helps schools use technology to improve instruction, facilitate better communication with stakeholders, enable real-time analysis of student and school performance data, strengthen contract management, and capture operating efficiencies. She helps BreakFree Education find smart and fun ways to encourage peer-to-peer sharing among Consortium members and other organizations we work with.

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Student Lead IEPs

Presenter: Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis serves as the Director of Student Support at the Travis Hill Schools where she supports incarcerated young people in New Orleans in obtaining a high school diploma and developing the skills and mindsets necessary for life success. She began teaching in New Orleans in 2010 as a Teach for America Corps Member and has been working in education in the city ever since. In 2015, she obtained her Masters Degree in School Leadership from the Teacher’s College at Columbia University. In her current role she supports school staff in creating and implementing a continuum of special education services, individualized education plans, behavioral intervention plans, a therapeutic school program for students who require a more intensive level of behavioral support, academic interventions, data collection, restorative approaches to school discipline, school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports, and trauma-informed care and instruction. 

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Turn It Up! Teaching Music in the JJ Classroom

Presenter: Sage Satterfield

Sage is an Expanded Impact Teacher at Durango Transitional Learning Center and Juvenile Detention Facility, where he teaches music production, recording, theory, and music business. He has pushed faders and placed microphones for clients such as Microsoft, FBI, IRS, Secret Service, NFL Legends, Make A Wish Foundation, FOX Creative, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the cast of Second City, The Capitol Steps, Apollo flight commander Eugene F. Kranz, Astronaut Mike Massimino, Astronaut and U.S. Senator Mark Kelly, former Ford/Boeing CEO Allan Mulally, and the 45th president of The United States, Donald J. Trump. Early in my career, I was also a part of outfitting Jay Joyce’s current Nashville studio (St. Charles/Neon Cross), as well as working and assisting directly with Amos Lee, Cage the Elephant, Sleeper Agent, and Alison Krauss.

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Making Learning Engaging, Relevant and Meaningful: A spotlight on BreakFree's monthly initiatives

Presenter: The BreakFree Education Team

The BreakFree Education initiative team includes Christina Campbell, Kaylah Holland, Kat Crawford, and Roy Middleton.  More information on BreakFree Education staff can be found here.

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What's Black and White and Read All Over? The Titan Tribune!

Presenter: Dan Wynne and Henry Unger


Daniel Wynne serves as the Department Head and Transition Coordinator for juvenile justice programs in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. He served as a Juvenile Justice Education Enhancement Program peer reviewer for juvenile justice educational programs throughout the Florida and has come to be regarded as a state leader in juvenile justice education. He also participated as an ambassador for BrreakFree Education’s Unjammed where he trained and mentored colleagues nationwide in the process of implementing technology in juvenile justice settings.

Henry is a retired newspaper reporter and editor, and has been teaching journalism in adult prisons and the Miami Youth Academy for several years. He is a volunteer for Exchange for Change, a Miami-based nonprofit that organizes and teaches a variety of writing classes in Florida correctional institutions. Before retiring in 2015, Henry worked for 25 years at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he worked on many different stories and beats, spanning business and metro news, as well as sports. Henry is a native of the Bronx, New York, and a graduate of Queens College, City University of New York. 

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Designing Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Presenter: Kaylah Holland and Kat Crawford

Dr. Kaylah Holland is passionate about empowering educators through practical professional development, one on one coaching, and innovative lesson design. She combines innovation and heart, a dynamite duo, to create student-centered environments that offer a path to success in school and life. She has over ten years of experience empowering educators and championing student-centered classrooms in multiple countries. She is also a collegiate professor and a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator. 

Kat Crawford helps schools use technology to improve instruction, facilitate better communication with stakeholders, enable real-time analysis of student and school performance data, strengthen contract management, and capture operating efficiencies. She is helping us find smart and fun ways to encourage peer-to-peer sharing among Consortium members and other organizations we work with.

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