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The BreakFree Edupalooza

An online, professional development series for educators working in secure facilities


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Student Panel: Elevating Student Voice

Join us as we talk to students in secure spaces from across the country. Hear what they think about school in their spaces. 

Getting Started with Restorative Practices

Learn more about the restorative approach in this beginner's session.You'll learn how to respond to challenging behaviors using restorative rather than punitive practices. These practices will help facilitate community building, repair harm, and strengthen relationships. 

Making Learning Relevant, Engaging, and Meaningful

Come learn about BreakFree's plans for expanding our monthly initiatives as we announce our 2021-2022 lineup! From our classics like Words Unlocked and Unbound to some exciting top-secret new ones (that we can't wait to share), we'll be sponsoring a set of 10 initiatives running monthly from August through May. 

Student Lead IEPs

Join us to learn more about the power of student lead IEPs. This session will supply you with the resources you need to implement student-lead IEPs in your own school and empower students to take ownership of their learning

How to Change Culture One Teacher, One Facility at A Time 

We all know it can be difficult to transition away from tired routines... Bill Anderson is here to show how the Vel R. Phillips School in Wauwatosa, WI transformed into a first class school in a juvenile facility by shifting the culture to one of high expectations, one staff member at a time. 

Stories With Style:

Student expression through hip hop culture 

Ed and Elizabeth share how to engage students with options and tools to express themselves and their personal stories in a variety of ways.  They'll share about their Stories With Style program, its intention, lessons learned, feedback from the students, and their plans to make it bigger and better in the future.

A Walk Through the Digital Classroom

Come take a walk through Elizabeth's digital classroom, as she shares her poetry unit. She'll take you step by step through the process of building a digital unit, from generating ideas to implementing them. She'll showcase the different ways you can use apps in a secure space to create an interactive experience. 

Turn it Up! Teaching Music in the JJ Classroom

Teaching music production in a detention center can present some unique challenges. Join Sage as he introduces you to some creative projects that keep his highly transitionary environment buzzing with creativity. Sage will share student products. This session is guaranteed to be music to your ears.  

The Ups and Downs of Rolling out Google Workspace

The pandemic forced a lot of spaces to rethink the way they they deliver content for students. The solutions are not always easy! Tune into the story of (insert school name...Cooper Lake...I always forget) Chromebook/Google roll out. 

Tech Trainer Tips

The key to running a tech-infused classroom is the training and support that you offer your teachers. Check out this session to learn how to embed weekly teacher training and creative problem solving into your schools. Don't forget the helpful hints that will turn your tech implementation from transitional to transformational!

We Have A Chromebook, Now What?

Learn how a responsible use policy can help staff, teachers, and students successfully implement new technology. Listen to practical stories from our roll out before and after having the right policies and procedures to help students be successful with technology integration. 

Securing Engagement in Math Class from Day One!

Do you want to ensure engagement in your math class on day one? You can boost your students' interest in math, achieve deeper learning and retain with these straight-forward techniques shared in this session. 

Trauma, Compassion, Connection: 3 Activities You Can Facilitate in Your Setting 

What is your capcity to meet the trauma needs of your students? Addressing trauma requires you to build sustainable relationships. Learn more about your role as a caregiver and your capcity to meet all your students needs.

Designing Culturally Relevant Curriculum

For the past eight years, BreakFree Education has been designing curricular initiatives for students in juvenile facilities nationwide. In this session, we'll share our guidebook of design tips, resources and tools, along with engaging and culturally relevant curriculum, that's beneficial for all students. Participants will get access to resources for designing culturally relevant content and current curriculum resources from BreakFree Education.

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