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BreakFree Badges

BreakFree offers digital badges for teachers and schools that actively participate in our educational initiatives. Badges are our way to recognize the hard work and achievement of teachers and schools working to make school engaging, relevant, and meaningful for students. 

Educator Badge

Become a BreakFree Educator and show off your badge with pride!


Select your initiatives

  • Teach any 4 of our initiatives throughout the year (BreakFree offers 12 monthly initiatives, a year-long investors club and a book club from which teachers can choose)


Submit your assignments

  • Facilitate the initiatives and work toward your badge by submitting the associated assignments (see below for more information on assignments)


Get recognized for your hard work

  • Earn your badge by completing 4 initiatives. Include it in your signature line and resume!

Badges (4).png

Through this initiative, students explore speechwriting and the importance of using their unique voice to be heard.  Students will understand different types of speeches and their purposes; learn about the communication process and techniques used to make compelling speeches; and understand the steps of putting together a speech from start to performance. The Unheard 8-day curriculum culminates in a national speech contest.


Stories get told every day, but only some voices get heard.

Through this initiative, we ensure our students’ voices do not go unheard.

School Badge

Become a BreakFree Books Over Bars School and boost your student engagement.


Participate in initiatives

  • Facilitate 10 monthly initiatives at your school (different initiatives can be facilitated by different teachers)


Submit assignments

  • Facilitating teacher(s) submit(s) their associated assignments each month


Get recognized 

  • Receive your school-wide badge and tell the world you have your students engaged!


Assignments for Submission

Teachers/schools will receive credit for facilitating an initiative by completing the following three items

  • Submit student work to the national competition* 

    • (*For Book Club or Investor's Club, a piece of student work may be submitted-- i.e. completed student journal)

  • Submit short report

    • Teachers will be asked to explain how they facilitated the initiative, successes and challenges, and what they learned from their experience

  • Complete end-of-initiative survey

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