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Pathfinders Workshops March 20-21, 2024: Google Slides



Resources for implementing ClassVR. 

ClassVR Tutorial

Workshop Slide Deck:

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Allow List

Headset Manual

Doing More

With Less

This interactive workshop encourages teachers to think like designers. Participants will strengthen their skills in creating intentional mini-lessons and will generate innovative experiences that empower students to engage in learning. Ultimately, participants will create a mini-lesson and choose from ten innovative experiences that engage students in work that is relevant and meaningful. 

Slide Deck: Google,  Microsoft,  PDF



This highly interactive session will address common instructional coach issues and will present five best practices for coaching to make the greatest impact, including relationships, goal-setting, workflows, self-care, and reflection. Participants will leave with a plethora of templates and resources to use in their own coaching practice.

Slide Deck: Google,  MicrosoftPDF


with Yes!

This workshop will highlight ways to shift your mentality to lead with yes! This session will showcase inspiring ways technology is being used in educational spaces in JJ facilities, best practices for implementation including asking the right questions of potential programs and creating a successful training plan for all involved.



Slide Deck: coming soon

Best Practices

Blended Learning

This interactive workshop encourages teachers to think like designers bringing purpose to every minute available with students. To experience best practices in blended learning, participants will complete three interactive stations using Google products to engage students in work that is relevant and meaningful. 

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Advocating for

JJ Youth 

Students involved in the juvenile justice system often come from and return to public school classrooms after spending time in a secure school located in a detention center or incarceration facility. Join this webinar to learn more about education inside the juvenile justice system and learn how you can disrupt the school to prison pipeline by advocating for justice involved students in your classroom. 

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Educating Beyond Curiculum

This interactive workshop will encourage teachers to generate innovative experiences that empower students to engage in learning that is relevant and meaningful. This workshop will also highlight the purpose behind the free monthly initiatives hosted by BreakFree Education. Participants will learn about innovative experiences taking place in JJ classrooms across the county and will learn more about upcoming national contests! 

Slide Deck: GoogleMicrosoftPDF


Out Fires

This interactive webinar will use design thinking practices to help participants solve problems using the Putting Out Fires framework. The framework is a critical new step in design thinking that focuses on which solutions yield the best results. Participants will identify a problem, focus on the people involved and analyze all possible solutions by implementing the framework.

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Template: PDF

Products and Authentic Audiences

Students engage more in their learning when they can own the end result and have their work viewed by authentic audiences. This interactive session will identify authentic audiences and backward design the end product. Watch how students engage in the content when their products are viewed by peers, family members, experts, community members, and even those around the world. Example student created products from juvenile justice facilities across the US will be provided. 

Slide Deck: GoogleMicrosoft,  PDF

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