Announcing Winner of Unsung Launch Contest!

This month, we're sponsoring our songwriting initiative, Unsung, to further amplify our students' voices. Unsung began last week with a launch contest that focused on the Rock the Vote Campaign.  Students were asked to write lyrics that could be used in a Rock the Vote song, and we're excited to announce our launch contest winner!

Congratulations to KH  from RFK South Hadley for winning first prize. Her lyrics sent a strong and impactful message to young voters. She will win a lyric journal and her school will receive a microphone. 

Who will you vote for to enforce justice and freedom 

Our vote is our hope, a light, a beacon. 

Left and right you may feel unseen and unheard 

Which is all the reason to vote on November 3rd. 

We'd also like to give a shoutout to JJ from Hogan Street who won our Honorable Mention category. 

Instead, voting for gun laws

Vote for kids who are facing juvenile life

You should respect where you live

And love where you stay

Now go make that vote and make my day 

We're looking forward to receiving many great song submissions for the overall Unsung competition and we can't wait to share those with you when we announce our winners at the end of the month.

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