The BreakFree Edupalooza

An online, professional development series for educators working in secure facilities

2021 Highlights

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Live Events

Dwayne Betts

Sha'Condria "iCon" Sibley


Student Panel: Elevating Student Voice

Join us as we talk to students in secure spaces from across the country. Hear what they think about school in their spaces. 

How to Change Culture One Teacher, One Facility at A Time 

We all know it can be difficult to transition away from tired routines... Bill Anderson is here to show how the Vel R. Phillips School in Wauwatosa, WI transformed into a first class school in a juvenile facility by shifting the culture to one of high expectations, one staff member at a time. 

Getting Started with Restorative Practices

Learn more about the restorative approach in this beginner's session.You'll learn how to respond to challenging behaviors using restorative rather than punitive practices. These practices will help facilitate community building, repair harm, and strengthen relationships. 

Stories With Style: Student expression through hip hop culture 

Ed and Elizabeth share how to engage students with options and tools to express themselves and their personal stories in a variety of ways.  They'll share about their Stories With Style program, its intention, lessons learned, feedback from the students, and their plans to make it bigger and better in the future.

What's Black and White and Read All Over? The Titan Tribune!

Members from Miami-Dade School District share about their student newspaper, the Titan Tribune, which operates through a collaboration with Exchange for Change, a non-profit that focuses on writing in secure settings. Learn more about how to approach to writing with the students and organizing a student publication!